Organisation Profile

Organisation Profile

Society for Environmental Awareness, Research, Training and Health (SEARTH) is working towards social innovations to ensure development, health and well-being of marginalized communities.

We evolve platform from where innovative solutions spring forth to create transformative changes in the lives of marginalized communities. SEARTH customizes combination of environment, agriculture, livelihood & development to reach commoner or majorities through education, training & research. SEARTH will continue to care, innovate and transform to ensure that its goal of an inclusive sustainable society becomes a reality.

Our Services

Skill Development

In India, 36 million are unemployed and amongst, 24 million live in villages and another substantial number move to cities in search of employment.


According to WHO, about 15% of the world’s population still openly defecates without access to any toilet or latrine. 60% of this population lives in India; 626 million Indians defecate in the open.

Tribal Development

Irulas are an ethnic group of India and they speak Irula language. Traditionally, the main occupation of the Irulas has been snake and rat catching.

Be a Volunteer

“ One of the most powerful donations you can make is the gift of your time and talents. We encourage you, your family or your group to leran about our volunteer opportunities, which range from working in our community, to organizing a drive, to provide us with professional services. ”

Our Team

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“ Think about your global footprint, are you doing enough to help the Environment? ”